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Friday, March 30, 2012


I get my followers by following a lot of other people. But then I check to see if anybody unfollowed me and some of them are starting to unfollow all because I'm not following them back but why can't they just UNDERSTAND That my following limit is 2,000 and I don't have enough followers to go over that limit! I would tell them this but then I might lose more followers. Hopefully they're reading this right now so they'll understand I need help to gain more followers so I can follow more people back.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding Out Who I am

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wondered about who I am and what kind of personality and style I have. Throughout elementary school I really didn't care about what I wear or what I say. But, then middle school came around the corner and I didn't know who I should be, my mom always told me to be myself but I didn't know who that was. So, every week I would have a different style and personality. For 1 week I was Gothic and I had a "i couldnt care less" attitude, then for another week I was a Girly-Girl that had all these cute outfits on and kept saying "ew" at everything gross. Then for another week I was a complete Tom-Boy and I pulled that off very well! I was already starting to act manly (lol) but I soon realized that Im just not a tom-boy. So, basically I have had all these observations and experiments on the different type of person I should be. But, I was always a movie-buff so Im basically a little Theatrical, I tryed being in a couple of plays but I hated it. Because I have a "quit it" type of attitude. But I soon then discovered the InTeRnEt, and I found and I saw all these photos of the type of styles alot of tumblr girls had and I realized I really Love those kind of cutesy styles so I finally found my style. Now I had to find my personality and guess what? I also realized I'm the kind of Chill/Lovable/Funny/Protective type of girl. I always protect my friends from bullies, I can be lovable if I tryed to be, Im always crack'n Jokes, and Im just soo chill that people actually start to wonder if I do drugs and Im like "No, I don't im just naturally chill" and I realized I have this natural competitive side to me, whenver playing a sport I just whip out my inner danger side! (lol). So I found out who I am through out High school.